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Page history last edited by Andy Wilson 6 years, 7 months ago

SDF DigiGuides


Welcome to the Staff Development Forum DigiGuides collection.


These DigiGuides are intended to help develop your familiarity with a range of digital tools that are likely to be useful to you in your work.


If you would like to offer your own Guides to the community – or suggest areas where you would welcome further guidance – please contact Andy Wilson – andywilson48@gmail.com


The Guides generally follow the same format:



Brief indication of the topic

What the Guide will enable you to do

How the activity described can help the staff developer


To help search for items


Factors in favour of this activity


Factors against


In terms of money or other resources

Degree of difficulty

The technical demands of the activity

Systems and devices

Windows, Mac, ios, android, etc.

Links to other Guides

Cross references to other relevant Guides

Author and contact

For comment and clarification.

Body of the Guide

This may be very short, and will never be very long. The purpose is not to replicate other guidance but to provide an easy way for staff developers to get started.


Go to the Summary page for a list of all the Guides and their information within the above structure.


The links in the list below will take you straight to the full pdf version of the Guide. This will show the first page, to see the whole document click the download tab.


Accessing desktop web sites from your ipad

How filenaming conventions can help

Creating a group email address with googlegroups

Using Google maps on your tablet on the move without a data connection 

Why use a wiki?

Creating a wiki with pbworks

Using your ipad to show presentations 

Online action learning – the technical side

Online action learning – the social side

Providing quick links to websites using QR codes

Using the Cloud - GoogleDrive
Introduction to Podcasting
Apps for Podcasting
Matching your colours to others on screen 
Creating Screencasts with PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 



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